About the Art & Artist

The artwork is individually created original designs by the execution of Charlie Watkins.
The art depicts a historical point of view, architecturally, of the Southwest Four Corner region of the United States. A period of 1200 A.D. to the 1880’s and the influences made by the Pueblos Indians, Spanish Missionaries, Nomadic Tribes and the Western influx.
 About the Art.
 The concept for the artwork is loosely based on the Rococo period, using Stucco to created lighter weight sculptures. With the use of modern materials, a form of stucco was the best medium to achieve a rock like, adobe finish and texture.
All the pieces start with a wood base and framing. No pieces are cast or molded, each is free formed. Some pieces incorporate natural desert woods for additional character. Any combination of the following items may be used to capture the design: wire, paper products, plaster, casting cloth, polystyrene, and/or 1/8” or 1/8" woods. Upon completion of the structural part, a homogenized formula of stucco and acrylic-latex paint is brushed on in several coats. A layer built process of sun baking each layer before the next one is begun. Once dry, combinations of acrylic paints are brushed and blended to acquire the final look and feel.
The Pueblo and Cliff Dwelling designs incorporate individually created ladders made of dowels and stained in oak stain and Vigas (rafters) which are represented by pine wood.
 The process creates a bold and majestic piece that is not as heavy as the look making them easier to handle and/or hang. All pieces are equipped with hanging hardware.
 What is created today is a culmination of what was created yesterday. Enjoy!
About The Artist: Charlie Watkins
Charlie has been creating art since an early age. The first art show he attended was during his first year in college in 1969 in Pasadena, California with his acrylic paintings. For the next twenty years, he maintained his art and craft as a hobby while he pursued his career as an accredited Chef and in food service management. During this time, he worked in many mediums including furniture building and remodeling, sculpture, fabrics, sign painting and wood crafts.
 In 1989, he returned to his art on a full time basis with the desire to create three dimensional wall hang sculptures depicting the historical architecture of the southwest. His desire was also to create each piece as an original design with a majestic and real rock like appeal.  Re-calling the art history teachings of the Baroque and Rococo periods in Europe of the 18th century, when stucco was used to create lighter weight sculptures, gave Charlie inspiration. This gave him a medium to start with and an opportunity to incorporate his enjoyment of American history.
With the use of modern materials, and the culmination of his many years of diversified experiences, Charlie spent two years developing his art and stucco formula before he made the designs available to the public. His designs include pueblos, cliff dwellings, missions and western town beginnings.
He continues to create original designs using the formula of stucco cement mixed with acrylic paint brushed on in several coats over a combination of materials. These materials include a wire mesh covered with layers of plaster tape, and thin woods for structure. Each piece is created on a wood base and framing, making them lighter weight and easier to hang.
Originally from California, Charlie was transferred to Arizona in 1978. He met his wife, Anna, and together have raised their five children in Tucson since 1986.
Charlie’s works can be seen at art shows throughout the southwest six states, as well as home shows and select galleries.


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